Our Approach

Our Vision

We know that purchasing a house and making it a home is not a simple task. We pride ourselves in helping our customers bridge the gap between the purchase agreement and making your new house a home for you and your family. Whether that entails small repairs to large scale renovations, we are here to help you make your dream a livable reality.

Our Story

Our Story

We were both raised in Denham Springs, Louisiana. We had been living in California for a few years where we were hoping for anything more than a sprinkle. On the opposite side of the spectrum, our families were praying for the rain to stop. After the devastation of the 2016 flood, we were left in utter shock about what our families had been through. In the summer of 2017, we moved back to Louisiana to create DC HOMES. This company was created out of hope- we had hope that we could help take the wreckage that was left here after the 2016 flood and give people a second chance to make what used to be their home, their home once more.

Meet the Team


Dakotah Cotten

Founder & CEO

Dakotah was born and raised in Denham Springs, LA. He has over five years of construction experience. Coming from a construction family, he has been at work sites and participating in construction jobs since he was a small child. Dakotah is driven by his passion to rebuild his beloved hometown.

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Vanessa van Heerden

Accounts Manager

Vanessa holds two BS degrees, one in Biology and the other in Environmental Science and Resource Management from California State University, Channel Islands. In CA, she worked for her department managing over 250 undergraduate students while mentoring them in technical writing, oral communication, and geospatial analysis.

Next Steps...

If you feel like our passion to make your house a home is what you need, please contact us!